Meet our new agent Maria! Jul 03 2019


Maria who works at our Spain office has an international career profile. She has worked as an account executive in the advertising industry in Miami, USA, as well as an international sales manager in different companies in Spain. She also held the position as a Trade Advisor and Market Researcher in Morocco and Germany. Maria studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Cádiz, Spain. She also acquired an appreciation for art in her Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Her successful experience in being an intermediary in the relationship between the client and agency, her empathy, and communication skills are the best ingredients for her to understand our clients’ needs, and fitting artists to briefs. She speaks Spanish, English, German, and a little French. 

Why did you become an Illustration agent?

I love art since I was a child. The drawing was my favorite subject at school! Paintings, illustrations, architecture, sculpture... all these disciplines touch my heart. I am also very familiarized with illustration as my husband is a great illustrator, graphic designer, and 3D animator. I am very happy to have an artist home who inspires and teaches me! I admire the artist’s talent and understand its effort at producing creative ideas. It fascinates me how illustrators create all kinds of imaginary worlds, creatures, and wonderful stories that arise magical sensations. 

It is a great honor to represent our brilliant illustrators at Advocate Art, matching their creations with the needs of our great clients.

What do you love most about the role?

Above all, I enjoy building strong relationships with clients and artists. It makes me happy achieving the client’s satisfaction and helping and assisting illustrators  I also love working in an international environment, alongside hundreds of talented people all around the world that produce genuine masterpieces. 

What do you love about Advocate's Illustrators?

Principally, I adore that they put their heart and soul into their illustrations. Each artist has a unique and extraordinary style. It is a privilege to be delighted by their works that introduce us to lovely cute characters, fantasy creatures, and imaginary scenarios that lead us to magical worlds.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a travel addict. I enjoy getting to know new cultures, visit historical places, museums, and exotic spots. I also love traveling around a new place by bike and being in touch with nature. Besides, I declare myself a pet lover and therefore, cuddly cats and dogs have always surrounded me.  I also adore practicing yoga and meditation that fill me with bliss and draw a smile in my mind.