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Felicia Whaley

Felicia Whaley

Felicia was born in Chicago, IL in 1987, where she grew up and now lives in Oak park, IL with her teenage daughter Harmonie. Drawing cartoons from cereal boxes and toy packaging at a young age; there was no doubt she would become an artist. As an adult she still enjoyed the whimsie and color of book illustrations. With her love for illustration, she enrolled in The Illinois Art Institute in 2013. One thing she noticed growing up, there was never really a character that she could relate to. While attending Art school she found out that she could be the one to create characters that children could relate to, especially children of color. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Illustration and design. She has been freelancing as a Children’s book illustrator since then. Fun facts: She collects dolls,children’s books; and is a gym addict.View Full Bio

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New Signed Artist - Felicia Whaley

Sep 23 2019

The very talented Felicia Whaley has joined Advocate Art! Felicia's gorgeous style, driven by her passion for relatable childrens' characters