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Celeste Aires

Celeste Aires

Celeste was born in San Juan, Argentina, a town by the Andeans. She grew up in a house with a big garden, two dogs and a little sister. She always loved drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, and she always had a big imagination. So, she decided she wanted to be an artist for a living. Therefore, she studied hard to get a place at a good high school, in her town, where you could choose a speciality after the second year. Of course, she chose arts and design. After high school, she went to art college for a little while, but then she dropped it and became a trekking guide. She spent several years working in the mountains and climbing around the world. In 2011, she moved to Buenos Aires to study Animation Direction and she became a professional illustrator a year after that.  She loves mid-century modern styles, geometrical shapes, adventure tales, chocolate, mountains, being outdoors, animals and plants. She also loves learning new things, so she’s always doing workshops and courses, such as silkscreen, letterpress, poster design, character design, among others. She thinks her work is a bit nostalgic, simple and funny. She wants to evolve as an artist and explore and mix all medias and techniques that she can. By the way, her name means "light blue air查看完整簡介


Mishmania - Summer Edition!

Jul 25 2017

Wow! We received a copy of Mishmania's summer issue (aptly titled Hit the Road) and it's gorgeous! This issue of