Warrior of the Week Nov 29 2012


This week’s Warrior of the Week is: Dargo the Deadly. Once a fortnight the hills 'round the Golden City tremble with a great rumbling roar. This is a reminder to all who dare try to breach the king's coffers that they are guarded by the great red dragon, Dargo. At tournament he will use his claws and fiery breath against any weapon that shall be brandished against him, and he does it all in the name of the King. He stands at 10'0" and weighs 1 ton. His searing hot breath is his most valuable weapon. ‘These flames of duty can both warm and wound.’ – Dargo the Deadly To see more of freelancer Colin Howard’s illustrations, his work is featured in several of the Advocate Art portfolios including: children’s book illustrationolder and real illustrationart licensing, greetings card design and art for posters!