Artist Feature - Kisoo Chai May 18 2015


What better way to end the first day back at work after the weekend than with a look at one of our new talents, Kisoo Chai. His illustrations shows he can easily adapt his style towards his subjects to suit a young or older viewer without losing his light and humorous touch and great use of composition and angles. Kisoo's portfolio, then, is ideal for young adult publishing but can also work very well for children's books. We look forward to seeing more fantastic work from Kisoo in the future and you can see more in his online portfolio!

Kisoo Chai was born and raised in a beautiful port city with a train station in Yeosu, South Korea.

Having been around ships and trains all his childhood, he would have become a train driver had it not been his favorite pastime – drawing on the walls of every house in the whole town. With charcoal and crayons, Kisoo drew and painted, and the “canvases” were full of fish, birds, people, clouds, ships and trains.  Of course the “canvas” owners didn’t appreciate his artwork at that time and made him clean up the walls the following day. 

This special childhood memory is what keeps Kisoo inspired and drawing for children, now on real canvases instead.