Artist Feature - Malu Lenzi Oct 19 2015

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I was born in the countryside of Brazil in 1982 and I used to spend every vacation in Rio de Janeiro visiting more museums and paper shops than beaches - which probably explains my love for travelling and Art. After some travels, I'm currently living in Berlin - although I could move right now to the seaside.

I've worked on many different creative jobs but in my 30s I decided to be THE creative and become a self-taught Illustrator. If I didn't, I'd be a bunny and have a paper shop. (no idea how…)

I’m sort of Cute Maker. I want to make people feel happy, playful and loved in a cute world. I guess My inspiration comes from my inner child, the 50's and Scandinavian Design. Alice in Wonderland is my curious way of thinking. My artwork is a mix of hand drawing lines, cute characters and digital colours - "3 happy acorns" is my favourite joyful combination.

When I’m not cuddling my old cat or drawing while listening jazz, I like to walk around watching people.