Artist Feature - Gabriela Castro Jul 13 2017


Gabriela Castro is a newly signed artist specializing in digital illustration and vector art.  The vibrant color palette paired with sweet and funny characters makes her an excellent illustrator for children's books for children ages 5 and up.  Check out more of her work on her Advocate portfolio.

"Gabriela Castro is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her boyfriend and her dog Mr. James.  She has worked with numerous clients specializing in design and illustration of patterns, character design, games, toys and all types of stationery. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urbanism and has taken numerous courses in illustration. Her work has been included in several exhibitions in universities and art galleries in Argentina, China, and Mexico. The work method used for her illustrations ranges from vector drawings to photoshop and she loves drawing with watercolors. Gabriela is also a teacher at VectSweety, where she teaches Illustration and Character design.

Her hobbies include cooking rich and sweet things, being in touch with nature and animals, embroidering, weaving, making stamps and products and everything related to creativity and crafts. Gabriela also has a great admiration for Japanese culture and vintage retro art!"