Artist Feature - Olivia Onwuka Jul 18 2017


Advocate Art is pleased to present the incredible illustrations by newly signed, London based artist, Olivia Onwaku!  Her sweet yet confident characters are brought to life through vivid colours and expressive eyes.   Olivia's attention to detail and distinct style make her a perfect illustrator for young readers aged 5 and up. Check out more of Olivia's work at her online Advocate portfolio!

"Olivia is a self-taught illustrator, currently living in London. As a child, she was loved to watch cartoons, like Powerpuff Girls and Spongebob Squarepants, and would often draw the characters from them. As an adult, she is constantly inspired by her mum and by her faith in God. Olivia would describe her artwork as detailed but unrealistic and thinks she always gets a bit carried away drawing eyes! She enjoys exhibiting at Comic Con events and loves playing video games. Her favourite piece is one she created for one of Solange’s album covers. Olivia feels inspired whenever she listens to Gospel music whilst drawing. She hopes one day to have as many cats as possible!"