New Signed Artist - Martina Motzo Feb 25 2019


It's almost the end of Feb, Spring is almost here, and to celebrate the seasons changing, Advocate-Art is thrilled to present to you another new signed artist. Welcome Martina Motzo

Martina joins our ever-growing agency of talented illustrators across art licensing and children's publishing. Her sketchy, Quentin Blake style, mixed with a pop of bright watercolour and elegant handwriting make her style perfect for children's publishing. Particularly for readers aged 5 years to Young Adult. Want to know about Martina? Have a read through her short biography below, and enjoy the images above. You can see more of Martina's whimsical illustrations via her online portfolio too. 

With the book fairs just around the corner, we know how busy it can get! If you think Martina would be suitable for any upcoming projects you have, please get in touch with one of our artist agents. We'd love to discuss further details with you! 

"After graduating in Theatre Direction, and obtaining a master in Scriptwriting, Martina discovered the best way to tell her stories was to draw them - especially when her stories involved space travel, invisible elephants and gigantic flying toasters. An enthusiastic fan of imaginary encyclopaedias, Odradeks, and Gonzo from the Muppet Show, Martina is still in love with her first pen, the one she stole from her father's desk when she was five: a magnificent India Ink Rotring Pen 0.1. She lives in Rome, where she works as an illustrator and graphic designer."

Martina Motzo was founded by our team of illustration agents, based at our UK and USA agencies. If you think any of our artists would be suitable for an upcoming project you have, be sure to reach out to an agent!