Chases away the virus! Nov 30 2020

Samples and spotted

One of our best European clients, the lovely toy company Headu in Italy, is always on the crest of the wave. And this time they nailed it with that 5-10 Y/O funny card game in which the children have to avoid contacting with the virus and for that they have to use good practises as cleaning their hands or using the mask for beating the virus and win (also in real life, of course!). Its name is Chases Away the Virus! (Scaccia il Virus! in Italian)

That was a really quick commission that was sent from our clients in the Italian Adriatic coast to our SL manager Adolfo Sánchez Flores. He realised then that it was the perfect job for our beloved and admired artist, Lucy Barnard. And she did that as she always does, creating funny and catchy illustrations that made this job a perfect candidate to be a best seller this Christmas in all the best toy shops around Europe.

Do you think Lucy Barnard might be the right artist for that project you have in mind? I'm sure she is!!! Please find her portfolio here and contact us

And don't forget she is also one of our best author/illustrators. Find out her nice packaged ideas in our Lab Ideas list. Lovely stories ready to be published by your brand.