Sophia Touliatou and Headu, the perfect alliance for baby learning games Mar 18 2021

Samples and spotted

We are a proud European children illustration agency based in Southern EU, in the wonderful, sunny and historical Seville. It might be not the typical location but  we think this is the right place since from here we work with our clients in the EU and also the Latin American ones. And Seville is located in a key place between those cultural areas. And we also have a multicultural agent team here that speaks Spanish, Italian, German, French, Catalan, English and some Portuguese, Dutch and Turkish!! A great melting pot!!

And we love when we do alliances from different parts of the world. In this case we have done a really good Mediterranean team working with our Athenian top artist Sophia Touliatou that helped our client Headu from Teramo, in the Adriatic coast of central Italy, with a series of cute and useful games for babies  and children from 0 to 6 years old. The long and close collaboration has resulted, for the moment, in 18 early learning products for babies and children like the ones shown here. And Sophia and Headu are working in few new ones right now!

A collection of Made in the Mediterranean games that will become a "classic" of the games, just like the Olympics!

Do yo think you think Sophia is the right artist for you next project? Check Sophia Touliatou's portfolio here and our complete roster here.