Tour Elentrik - a Great Idea to Color the World! Jan 23 2023

Meet the artists

Our lovely illustrator, Yulia Gorkina, is taking part in a wonderful project to make cities more colorful! 

Tour Elentrik is a project to bring color to cities and joy to residents around Belgium, and Yulia Gorkina is right in the middle of it. As part of this project ugly, dirt distribution boxes are being painted and transformed from eyesores to beautiful works of art. From primary school classes to hobby artists and professional artists - everyone can take part and make their colorful contribution to improving the quality of life in their city.

When Yulia heard about this project, she was immediately hooked, added spray cans to her drawing utensils, and got down to the colorful work.

"In the project of Tour Elentrik, local and professional artists come together to give monotonous and grey electricity boxes a beautiful and artistic makeover. For me, it was the first time I painted outside and on something bigger than an A3 paper sheet. I loved working with spray paint and stencils! It takes a lot of preparation work but afterward I could work faster on the location. Also, I'm happy to say that there were lots of kind words and encouragement from the people living nearby, I was even offered a cup of tea and biscuits!"

This project has already spread to many cities in Belgium and who knows, maybe it will spread to a city near you too! 

And if you have a project that you would like Yulia to bring to life with her colorful illustrations, just speak to your agent.

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