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Diego Vaisberg

Diego Vaisberg

Diego Vaisberg is an art director and illustrator with a degree in graphic design, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His style and experience in design led him to work and collaborate on visual design with world-renowned companies but his passion for cartoons and children's books led him to work almost exclusively in illustration, both fiction and non-fiction. His style could be categorized as geometric with reduced palettes, with a hint of modern age comics but he is always looking to develop a new form of expression. As a result of this search, Diego started writing his own stories, allowing him to illustrate and publish several new books. The sum of all of these experiences has led him to have his own professorship in Illustration Design at the University of Palermo. Today, Diego spends his time leading a team of artists at DGPH illustration studio and working on digital illustrations for books, games and animation, while creating new universes with his son and daughter.查看完整簡介


Nov 06 2023