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Evelt Yanait

Evelt Yanait

Evelt Yanait is a a freelance children's artist from Barcelona, where she grew drawing and reading wonderful illustrated books. After graduating in Communication and receiving her postgraduate degrees in Graphic design and Creativity & Advertising (Elisava-UPF), she worked as a graphic designer for many years, while studying illustration, attending many art courses, workshops and life-drawing classes, until she could focus on illustration only, working for board games, books editorials and some NGOs. In her illustrations, she intends to capture not only the funny-joyful-carefree side of life, but also the tenderness and sensibility. In order to do so she uses soft colours as well as a careful lighting while intending to make expressive faces with which people can emotionally empathize. She works using digital techniques. She loves to write, read and she's an enthusiast of documentaries, especially of history, human sciences and education查看完整簡介


Nov 19 2021