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Fabian Slongo

Fabian Slongo

Fabian was born in 1962 in a small town near Buenos Aires, Argentine. He´s a freelance artist, specialized in realistic illustration for school textbooks and childrens’ magazines as well as illustrator of medical, nature and technical books. All that was represented in texts and images took his attention. When Fabian was three years old, he knew illustration was in his comic magazines, he couldn’t read the magazines yet, so he relied on the pictures, from then on he was hooked. That´s the reason why nowadays he also writes and draws for children and writes critics abuot cinema for his own blog and local newspapers. He loves Hitchkock´s and De Palma´s movies and the modern south corean cinema. He is very proud of being capable of watching more than forty movies during a week at any cinema festival developed in his city. Fabian Slongo has illustrated for Macmillan Education, Edelvives, Clarín Group, and Norma Editions, with awarded success查看完整簡介


Nov 30 2020