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Gabi Murphy

Gabi Murphy

According to Gabi her career in art was built on the enthusiasm of a bubbly, eccentric art teacher who claimed with exuberant arm waving: ‘Darling, you must do art!’ So she did – a foundation course at Hornsey and then a BA(Hons) in graphics at Middlesex. Followed by a PGCert (art and design)….at which point, having spent as many years as is polite in education, she realised she aught to get a job! Gabi has been a freelance artist for over 35yrs and has spent happy hours creating lots of cutesy, fluffy, ahh type characters – which is strange as she’s about as far away from being cutesy and fluffy as a hyena is from that little puppy used to advertise certain loo rolls! Her words, not ours! She has recently studied acrylic and oil painting at ISoA and have also discovered an interest in digital art. Everything and anything can trigger a scribble session, but colour is her greatest inspiration, the more colours on her palette the happier she is – which is where she differs from ‘proper’ artists as they will usually work with a chosen few colours. “Perhaps I’m just greedy: think ‘child in a sweet shop’.” Actually, Gabi likes sweets too查看完整簡介


Oct 17 2014