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Irene Montano

Irene Montano

When Irene was a child, she was used to say that she wouldn't ever become an artist because she was pretty sure it was boring as hell. Nowadays she draws everyday and can't be happier to have been wrong! Nothing and everything can inspire her. Ever since she can remember, the warmth of daily life has always been her Muse: breakfasts, the smell of coffee in the morning, children, the rain or sushi... A personal project of Irene’s has been exposed during the show "40 Days around the World". She loves bodybuilding and sports nutrition. If she hadn't been an illustrator, Irene would have been a personal trainer for sure! She has a soft spot for organized places, post-its, and empty spaces in the calendar to fill in. Her boyfriend calls her "The Cadet查看完整簡介


Oct 12 2018