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Maurizio Campidelli

Maurizio Campidelli

Maurizio is an illustrator because he was in a… crash! When he was a baby, he had his right leg broken in an accident! The following months he spent in bed, reading comics. This took place around 1966. During that time, he started to love these worlds of amazing adventure, humour, action and fantasy. This was the main reason that he became an illustrator. In that time, his “teachers” were the Marvel Comics‘ team from the 70’s! This was around 1986. Then he worked mainly with advertising agencies, publishers, graphic design studios… Thanks to Advocate Art he had his debut outside Italy in 2010. Maurizio doesn‘t have time for much outside of work! He live in Rimini, a famous tourist city on the East Coast of Italy. In the summer, he loves to spend his time on the beach, running, biking on the boardwalk. Or in full relax mode with a drink, watching the sunset! But if it's raining, cinema and TV series are his salvation查看完整簡介


Nov 30 2020