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Ophélie Honey

Ophélie Honey

Hello ! My name is Ophélie, I’m a French illustrator and I was born in Guatemala. I live and I grew up, in the city of wine, Bordeaux in France. I illustrate characters and little cats through several worlds and universes. I’m inspired by nature, childhood and dreamlike worlds. I love the presence of nature in Ghibli's animations, and I love the beautiful stories from Pixar’s studios. I always drawn during my life, I’ve choose artistic studies, and one day, I’ve made an internship when I was at the university, with an independent illustrator Lola Draloug, she makes me discovered the illustrator profession, and I just had a click ! I wanted to do that too ! So, after my degree, I’ve became a freelance illustrator ! I work with publishing houses, children's books, but I love to work on personal commissions too. I love colors and I try to create soft and colorful illustrations. Digital drawing is my biggest media, but I like work with watercolors, serigraphy or linocut, sometimes. I have two beloved cats, Phoebus and Gaïa , but I dream to have a Shiba Inu !! I like watching a lot of movies and animations, I love listening music all day when I work: classical, rock, pop, rap, Disney songs. Yes always ! I play piano when I have time, I love to sing and to dance too :) Hope you will enjoy my universe查看完整簡介


Oct 11 2021