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Rebecca Prinn

Rebecca Prinn

After working in-house for 10 years, becoming freelance has allowed Rebecca to experiment and hone in on her style. She has always loved clean vector illustrations, but now combines this with more hand drawn elements. Mark-making plays an important part in her work and she‘s often found rooting through the garage or kitchen finding interesting things to make marks with. She loves the process of playing with layers of contrasting elements to create unpredictable results. Her designs are generally quite busy, full of pattern and colour. Rebecca looks across different design disciplines for inspiration; simple patterns on ancient pots, or colour combinations in a traditional weave. She also looks at folk art, Scandinavian design, and 1950s textile design. In her spare time, Rebecca loves being out and about, spending most weekends in the Yorkshire Dales with her camera, finishing with a trip to the antique shops and tearooms查看完整簡介


Sep 10 2019