The Curl Girls - Fox News Feature! Mar 04 2024


We are thrilled to share that The Curl Girls, has been featured on Fox News! This powerful title, written by RaShonne J Darling, and illustrated by the wonderful Adriana Carmago, tells the story of Olivia (author RaShonne's daughter).

The synopsis of the book says "Olivia had a pretty bad day at school today, and she’s tired of her big, curly hair being so different from everyone else’s.
Will three new friends convince Olivia of the magic in being unique and standing out from the rest?"
And Adriana's illustrations bring this message to life!

This title is published by Luminare Press, and you can watch the full feature via the video to learn why this was a special title for RaShonne to author. If you're interested in working with Adriana, or any of our artists, reach out to your agent to discuss further details!