Artist Feature - Amarilys Henderson Oct 14 2014

Meet the artists

Today, our gallery highlight is full of wonderful watercolours from the very talented, Amarilys Henderson! Her lush brush strokes and sumptuous colours, bring a great sense of fluidity and energy to her paintings.  For more eye-catching greeting card and art licensing designs, head over to her online portfolio. The first drawing I sold went for $100,000,000. After much negotiating via my agent--mom--I settled for 50¢. I was five years old and bored at a party for grown-ups, but this gig of selling my doodles wasn't half bad! Fast forward through every art club, advanced placement art class, and competition I could get into while growing up, I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and made a steady career in communication arts. Something happened though when I started creating for the sake of my own sanity. This Puerto Rican girl found herself in China, in love with newfound motherhood, and desperately needing to paint. Feverishly... and without a care for the finished product. I found my creative voice. It was when I let go of ascertaining my work would be wall-worthy that it truly blossomed. Creative artistry isn't a compartmentalized hobby or just the work I do anymore, it is the vehicle through which I get things done. It is how I work.