Walk the Walk Charity call out to help with T-shirt Design! Feb 27 2015

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Call out to help Charity with a Limited Edition T-shirt Design!

To all of our lovely Advocate Artists – we have been approached by the organised of the Chairty Walk the Walk, check out their website here http://www.walkthewalk.org/Home. This charity came into being over 16 years ago when 13 women Power Walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness of breast cancer, and are now a multi-million pound raising charity.

What we need from you is a design to be placed on 1 of 5 new Limited Edition t-shirt spots that will be sold online and at the events for the Walk the Walk charity themselves. The deadline is quite tight, with artwork needing to go to print at the end of next week, so we are asking for submissions by Tuesday 3rd March to send over to the organisers to select those that will be used.

This is not a paid project, but in turn the charity have said they can send over a free sample of your design if selected to go on one of the spots. One of the more recent designs they used was by the amazing Rob Ryan!

Below is all the information you need to get going on this, and please can you pop Natasha  ([email protected]) an email to let her know you are going to have a go, and send the artwork by 4pm Tuesday as the artwork will be send to the organiser that evening to review.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Brief information:

Here are some requirements/tips/information for you to bare in mind when designing the tshirt.

Size: for the initial ideas, please work to an A3 format, if the idea is taken forward we can provide you with more specific templates

Criteria: design needs to reflect the charity; the marks of the charity are the bra and foot logo, so these need to be used on the design in some way no matter how small

Colours: Max of 2 colours, they have used 4 before but would prefer a 2 colour design. The Key Pantone references are: Magenta 219C, Yellow 109C and Orange 021C

Deadline for ideas: Tuesday 3rd March

Target group: Mainly women, mixed ages from 16-80, need to appeal to all

Colour of t-shirt: Worth baring in mind t-shirt colours tend to be white, black and pink so the design should bare this in mind

Ideas and Quotes suggested to be used:

  • Life is beautiful. Leon Trotsky
  • Anything is possible. Proverb
  • Happiness walks on busy feet. Kitte Turnell
  • Anyone can be cool but awesome takes practise. Lorraine Peterson
  • Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Theodor Roosevelt
  • A Bra - a bra shape that is infilled with illustration (template available)
  • Any other ideas for  a great commercial t-shirt!