Katie Saunders' Olive Marshmallow Jul 15 2016


Exciting news! Advocate artist Katie Saunders' latest book Olive Marshmallow was recently chosen as one of the Best Titles for 6-7 year olds in the Kyobo Book Centre in Seoul! Kyobo Book Centre is the largest bookstore chain in South Korea, so it's quiet an honour to be chosen. Above you'll see Saunders' book in their Seoul flagship store as well as a few spreads from the book. Olive Marshmallow is a humorous book that's perfect for children who are anticipating the arrival of a new sibling. The story focuses on Archie, who's rather hesitant to welcome a new sister (especially when it means the arrival pink and frilly things!); and funnily enough the story is based off of Katie's experience with her own children. The book is available on Amazon and if you'd like to see more of Katie's work visit her Advocate portfolio.