Artist Feature - Amanda Shufflebotham Feb 08 2017

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We're so excited to announce that Amanda Shufflebotham is now an Advocate artist! Amanda's use of shape and bright color make her perfect for Christmas and Greeting Card designs. We're sure that she will make a fantastic addition to the Advocate family and we can't wait to see what's next. To find more of Amanda's work visit her Advocate portfolio.

"I knew from an early age I wanted to design and illustrate, my father used to paint and I think it was something that was passed down, although I don’t refer to myself as an Illustrator, having worked as a Graphic Designer for over two decades!

My background in graphics is apparent in my style and I lean towards bold, geometric, graphic shapes with inspiration coming from graphic artists such as Saul Bass and Alexander Girard.

I was born near Oxford and attended Swindon School of Art and Design in the late 1980’s, which led to a career in Publishing, Design & Advertising. I branched out as a freelance designer in 2004 when my sons were very young, it was then, that I started to take a more illustrative approach in my work.  My designs are created digitally but I always start with paper and a pencil, in fact I started my career without the use of computers so I’m probably considered ‘old skool’ to some younger graphic artists!  

I’ve had designs used for greeting ware in the UK and US, I‘ve also created designs for use in the tourism sector and the US National Park System.

I now work from my home studio in the historic Welsh/English border town of Chepstow, where I live with my partner and two sons, who keep me very busy, the rest of the time. If I wasn’t designing I would of liked to have worked as a landscape gardener.  When I get the chance I enjoy planning a garden, I love the shapes and textures of foliage."