Darren Gate featured in Abduzeedo! Jun 06 2017


We're thrilled to say Advocate artist Darren Gate was recently featured on Abduzeedo (aka ABDZ), a Portuguese illustration blog. Abduzeedo wrote up a lovely piece about Darren's work, featuring a variety of images from his website as well as a cute anecdote from the author about how she can relate to Darren's piece about a child refusing her carrots, as she herself often has this struggle with her own one year old. Here's a snippet from the article:

"We were so delighted when we received a note of new illustration work from Darren Gate, an illustrator focusing mainly within educational, children's and editorial markets. A talented storyteller with a knack for character creation he enjoys conveying humor, intrigue and sometimes a little sadness too. His mediums of choice tend to be watercolor, acrylic inks and pastels with final editing in Photoshop."

To read more and see more of the images featured, visit the article here. If you'd like to see even more of Darren's work, please visit his Advocate folio. We love seeing our artists featured in print and online publications and equally excited because we just signed Darren recently, and it's apparent he's already quite the influencer!