A Bear Hug at Bedtime is a favorite for August 2017 Aug 30 2017

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What's better than a hug at bedtime? A Bear Hug at Bedtime!  Advocate Art is pleased to announce that this adorable bedtime story, illustrated by our incredible artist Kay Widdowson, is featured on Book Trust's list of "books we love" for the month of August.  A Bear Hug at Bedtime takes it's young readers into a magical realm filled with beautiful characters, exploring the possibilities of creativity and imagination.  The protagonist's house becomes a wild place where the grandmother is transformed into a tiger and dad is portrayed as a bear who gives great bedtime hugs!  This beautifully illustrated story is great for children ages 0-5.  To purchase A Bear Hug at Bedtime, it is now available on Amazon.

To see more gorgeous illustrations by Kay Widdowson, check out her online Advocate portfolio and if you are interested in using her work for a project, do not hesitate to reach out to us!