Artist Feature - Claire O'Brien Oct 02 2017

Latest signings

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that imaginative illustration artist, Claire O'Brien has recently signed with us at Advocate Art!  Through her skilled use of vibrant colors and subtle textures in her work, Claire is able to bring her gorgeous characters to life.  Claire's imagination stretches far beyond the horizon, making her a fantastic choice for illustrating fairytales and whimsical narratives geared towards children ages 0-5.  To see more work by Claire O'Brien, be sure to check out her online Advocate artist portfolio!

"Claire is an Irish illustrator who loves bright colours, picture-books, folk-art, and collecting woolly hats. She holds an M.A. in film-direction and production from the National University of Ireland, and undergraduate degrees in Music and Media Communications Studies from the University of Limerick and the University of Glamorgan. Her passion for travel and learning about different cultures has brought her to beautiful Hong Kong, where she really enjoys eating more egg-tarts than she should and avoiding busy train platforms. She also enjoys extreme jigsaw puzzling (it sounds a lot cooler when you say it that way), and pronounces the letter ‘r’ like ‘oar’ (it’s an Irish thing). And, once upon a time when she was but a smallie herself, she decided to eat one of her yellow and black stripy flip-flops. But in her defense, it did look pretty delicious."