New Folios have arrived! Jan 10 2018

Advice and call outs

2018 is here and so are our brand new set of book folios!  We love being able to bring you great available art from great available artists and so we can't wait to share this new set of folios with you.  Our artists have worked hard over the last several months to come up with brand new, unpublished work just for these folios - and we must say, they're absolutely spectacular!  We estimate each sample takes 1 day so with 260 artists - and 260 working days in a year - that works out to a whole year's work...and we do that TWICE a year!

Our five new book folios - 0-5 | Bright and Beautiful | Middle Grade | Clever ClogsLine Art - each have something unique to offer.  So whether you're looking for quality line work for your next young fiction book project or you need super cute animals for your next board book, we've got you covered! 

Be sure to reach out to your Advocate agent to book your next appointment ASAP as our calendars are filling up quickly! We will be happy to make a visit to your area to show you the new, available work from our talented illustrators so let us know what works for your schedule!

Illustration agency based in the UK, with offices in NYC and Spain, brings you great available art from great available artists!  Folios are made possible with the hard work and dedication from each and every one of our incredible illustrators, artist agents and designers.