Artist Feature - Pipi Sposito Jan 22 2018

Meet the artists

Looking to hire a great, available artist who also has an incredible sense of humor?!  Look no further than Pipi Sposito, one of our newest signings.  His illustrations are oftentimes humorous and quirky as he incorporates funny characters and unimaginable scenes!  His illustrations are perfect for children ages 5 and up so if you have a project in mind, don't hesitate to reach out - Pipi is always eager to take on new and exciting projects! Check out more work by Pipi at his online Advocate artist portfolio!

"Pipi was born in Buenos Aires in the fabulous 60’s and has always had a knack for drawing. As a little child, he used to make plasticine figures too. He took them along to school as a hobby and at the age of 19 he found out he could earn a living by drawing! Pipi started designing humor magazines and was surrounded by the original drawings of many experimented artists. At the same time, he was encouraged to publish his own works. Pipi's drawings are often funny and expressive. He develops cartoons and children illustration in different artistic styles, and also 3D figures and puppets. He does some caricaturing as well, and he has done character design for animation, key animation and layouts. Pipi loves to listen to music while he works, especially his favorites: Zappa, Bowie, Queen and he is fond of Progressive Rock."

*Pipi Sposito was discovered by our fantastic team of illustration agents at our UK based illustration agency. He has experience working in both animation and children's books and is looking to take on new work! Reach out to one of our illustration agents for more information on commissioning Pipi for your next book project.