Artist Review - Alida Massari Jun 19 2020

Meet the artists

Alida Massari has been a part of the Advocate family for past 12 years and practising illustration for over 20! A veteran of the industry she’s amassed an eye watering 64 published titles to her name, has won numerous awards and participated in International exhibitions.

An Italian artist Alida was born in Rome and trained in illustration at the European Institute for Design. She remains close to hometown and works from her home studio, ‘I have a desk where I keep all the media I love: acrylic colours, watercolours, chalks, oil paints and pencils. Next to my desk I have an easel, where I always have big canvases. When I feel like it, I paint few brush strokes on the canvas…and day by day the painting takes shape!’

64 Published Books, 7 Exhibitions & 3 Literary Awards

Alida takes inspiration from the architectural details of the old buildings, through folk traditions and through ancient art. She’s particularly fond of the traditional processes, ‘I prefer traditional media and to have an actual contact with colours and the illustrations!’ but uses new digital techniques to bring her work to the forefront of current illustration. 

Now passing on her skills to the next generation Alida teaches at the popular art school Officina B5 in Trastevere, Rome. Over the next year Alida will be expanding her practice and launching a new course at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts where she will be a lecturer on the Fine Art Painting and Printmaking courses. She says, ‘The students are lovely and the atmosphere is very inspiring!’

Speaking Volumes book Awards - Finalist "The Story of Christmas" - England, 2014
Language Learner Literature Award - Finalist The Owl's song” - England, 2010
Language Learner Literature Award - Finalist  “The secret garden” - England, 2009
Language Learner Literature Award - Winner “Dorothy England", 2008
“Sulle ali delle farfalle”: “Giochi d’acqua”  Winner Bordano (Udine) , 2003
“Bollicine d’artista”- Winner  -Fondazione Mostra Internazionale d’illustrazione di Sàrmede (Tv) e la Mostra nazionale di spumanti di Valdobbiadene (Tv) 2002
“Stepan Zavrel” – Finalist  - Irfea Cassano Ionio (Cs) , 2000

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