Artist Review - Louise Forshaw Aug 18 2020

Meet the artists

This month, August 2020 (August 23rd to be precise!) mark's the 8th anniversary of Louise Forshaw at Advocate Art and we couldn’t be more proud!

Louise has been a client favourite for years now - securing consistent series of work with numerous, happy publishers. Her characterful, energetic and bright illustrations brim with warmth and fun.

"...I've illustrated A LOT of books (over 50 last time I counted!)"

Amongst that towering stack of 50 titles sits 9 books published in Campbell's Busy Series, with 3 set to be realised next year and a further one in the works - 13 in total! Louise has also created 6 Find Out About titles with Pat-a-Cake. They’re a sweet, child friendly approach to topics such as feelings, kindness and families.

Most recently Louise has been signed on for a book deal with Bonnie Bridgeman, the author of her People’s Book Prize nominated title, 'Catch That Cough'. The book caught press in the Bookseller and is set to be published in 2021 by Tiny Tree Books, Louise is "Super excited!" and we are too!

Now looking towards working more in the Junior Fiction arena Louise has been working closely with the Advocate team to create some fantastic new Portfolio pieces. They'll be unleashed on the world soon but to get in ahead of the crowd drop us a message... it's going to go like hot-cakes!

Progressive Preschool Awards 2019: Best Preschool Publishing - Finalist - "Find Out About: Feelings", Pat-a-Cake
People's Book Prize 2019/20 - Shortlisted - "Catch That Cough", Tiny Tree

Check out Louise's work: HERE
To get creative with Louise say hi: HERE