All Moms - GLAAD/ Today Show Feature Jun 08 2022


In honour of Pride Month, we’re excited to share that All Moms, written by Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Ellis-Henderson, and illustrated by our brilliant illustrator Max Rambaldi, has featured on the Today Show!

All Moms is such a special and important book for young readers. It's key that we teach our children to have love and compassion for others. This book reminds us that all moms are superheroes, no matter how they look, what they do for work, or where they come from.

Married coauthors Ellis - a GLAAD executive - and Ellis-Henderson - a musician - offer an expansive view of motherhood in this stylish homage. Rambaldi's hip illustrations match the energy of the text's rhyming prose, busily bursting with life, depicting parents and children with varying abilities, gender expressions, skin tones and body types.

With their inclusive focus, this well-matched trio show that above all, it's kindness and care that define a mom.

To watch the full video interview, just click on the link below:

The book is published by Little Bee and available to buy now! To see more work which celebrates Pride Month, diversity and inclusivity, get in touch with our agents to discuss more details.