Artist Feature - Esther Hernando Feb 21 2023

Meet the artists

This month Advocate Art is highlighting Esther Hernando! With over 20 published titles and more, exciting projects on the way, Esther is an artist who can really bring her characters to life.  

As a young girl in Barcelona, she was always drawing. She filled her school books with drawings during class and filled even more notebooks when she got home. 

Esther is a mostly self taught illustrator who is influenced by her love of comics and cinema. When creating her own stories she says:

“I know how important characters are in a story and that's what I give more emphasis to in a project. When creating the characters and their environment I try to make them believable, transmit emotions, and have their own personality. I want to make people smile with my illustrations.”

With her more than 20 titles published around the world, it is clear she is succeeding in that! Her work is fun, expressive, and colorful.

Of these titles, she has two projects in particular that stick out:

“I'm working on two projects that I'm very excited about and which I  consider the most important in my career. Both projects are a series of chapter books for young readers. The Maggie Sparks series with Sweet Cherry Publishing and Steve Smallman will publish the fifth book this year. Maggie Sparks was selected by World Book Day 2022 as recommended reading for families. The other project, if all goes according to plan, will have its first book published this year.”

It is great to see Esther’s work getting recognition as it did from World Book Day. As her agents, it is also exciting to hear she is looking forward to her new projects as well. 

“Advocate Art has helped me to fulfill my dream of being a professional illustrator. With no previous experience, being practically self taught, and learning from many illustrators/colleagues that I admire, I want to remain here in the coming years.”

We are happy to help Esther continue to fulfill her dreams of making children smile for many more years to come!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Esther's full portfolio!

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