Artist Feature - Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan Mar 20 2023

Meet the artists

This month we tell you about Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan, a very talented self-taught illustrator.

Santhya was born in India and started drawing at a young age. She initially focused mainly on portraits, but later fell in love with children's book illustration. She now lives in England, where she is fulfilling many of her dreams!

"Drawing used to be one of my hobbies. Now that it's become my job, my interests, creativity and hobbies are all interconnected."

Taking inspiration from the world around her and using her imagination is very important to Santhya. This thirst for creativity really makes her a perfect professional illustrator.

"Working in the world of children's book illustration allows me to unleash my imagination. I tend to find inspiration in everyday things. I force myself not to use my phone while traveling by bus or train because those are the times when I get the most ideas. Beyond digital illustration, I love painting with oil paints: that's why I try to carve out time between jobs to practice painting."

 There's one book in particular that she feels has allowed her to use her imagination to the fullest:

"I worked on a picture book called "Boo," written by a teacher of an elementary school in the United States, which tells the story of a hamster in a kindergarten class who manages to escape from his cage. It is one of the books I worked on early in my career. During its creation, I was given full artistic freedom, with the author always making positive and constructive judgments about my work. This not only helped me create a professional bond with the author, who then also submitted other potential projects to me, but also shaped my career, helping me establish myself as a professional artist."

However, Santhya is not only a very good illustrator: she is also an excellent writer! So far she has published two books, Tamil and Pongal, and is always working on stories that you can read in the future as well.

We are really curious to find out what else Santhya and her vivid imagination can do in the future!

If you too would like to know more, click HERE to see her full portfolio!

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