NEW Non-Fiction Portfolio! Aug 03 2023


With summer holidays underway, we’re using this as the perfect opportunity to gather new samples from our illustrators. They have been busy over the last few weeks refreshing their portfolios, and we’re excited to be launching another, brand new portfolio very soon!

This next portfolio will solely be focused on all things in the world of Non-Fiction! From Maps and Science to Animals and Habitats, to History and Space, and everything in-between, we’ve hand selected samples from some of our leading illustrators to bring our best offering of Non-Fiction artwork.

No matter what your project is about, we have an array of illustrators experienced in working on Activity Books, Encyclopaedias, Reference Books, and Educational projects too.

Our agents would love to meet up, in person or online, for a little summer de-briefing. We can catch up, as well as discuss your plans, exciting projects, and illustrators you are interested in for the rest of the year and beyond. Reach out, we’d love to book some time with you!

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