US Black History Month 2024 Feb 09 2024


To celebrate Black History Month in the US, Advocate Art is taking a moment to celebrate our Black book illustrators, as well as some of the powerful and inspiring titles they have illustrated to bring awareness to Black History and its importance.

Astrology for Black Girls, illustrated by Chellie Carroll
Astrology for Black Girls gives young girls information and context for the core foundations of the Zodiac. This book provides the perfect introduction to the sun, moon, rising signs, and more. Speaking directly to black girls.

Black Stories Matter Series, illustrated by Chellie Carroll
Black Stories Matter is a powerful illustrated collection of stories of inspiring black personalities throughout history. Titles in the series include:
1. Brave Leaders and Activists
2. Amazing Artists
3. Groundbreaking Scientists
4. Sporting Heroes

Black Girls are Magic, illustrated by Danielle Arrington
Black Girls Are Magic is a vibrant coloring book that puts the creativity, joy, and power of Black girls into the limelight. Paired with empowering statements like "Free to be me," "My voice matters," and "I love myself", Black Girls Are Magic is the coloring book for girls who know just how amazing they are and want to share their magic with the world.

Zara's Wash Day, illustrated by Princess Karibo
This is an empowering picture book, celebrating hair styles, with a foreword by award-winning actor Lupita Nyong'o. The book centres around Zara, a young black girl, who is not excited about wearing her hair in the same styles Mama usually creates. But once Mama takes Zara on a cultural journey to help her understand the significance of each hair style and how to wear each style with pride, Wash Day will never be the same.

Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the United States, illustrated by Sawyer Cloud
This beautifully illustrated picture book offers an introductory history of Juneteenth for kids, as it details the evolution of the holiday; commemorating the date the enslaved people of Texas first learned of their freedom.

Dancing Through Space, illustrated by Sawyer Cloud
Sawyer Cloud brings to life the journey of Dr. Mae Jemison, famous for being the first Black woman to travel into outer space. When she was growing up, she felt torn between two passions: science and dance. It seemed like an impossible choice. There had to be some way to make room for both—and Mae found one. As an adult, she combined her gifts of scientific logic and artistic creativity and became an astronaut.

Growing Up Black in Britain, illustrated by Simone Douglas
As a Black artist living in Britain, Simone Douglas brings her edgy, graphic style to create a bold cover for Stuart Lawrence, brother of Stephen Lawrence. Stuart talks to eight inspirational figures, as they share stories about their childhood experiences, as well as sharing insight into his own experience living as a Black person with dual-heritage in Britain.

These titles not only celebrate Black History but also help educate readers of all ages about the key figures and moments that make Black History Month so important. If you're interested in working with any of our illustratorsreach out to your agent with more details. Just like authors, our illustrators are equally passionate about bringing more awareness to such an important part of History. 

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