Artist Feature – Aditi Kakade Beaufrand Apr 18 2024

Meet the artists

This month we are highlighting Aditi Kakade Beaufrand, an Indian artist based in France who loves expressing culture and diversity in her work. Aditi has always found inspiration in the different cultures she has surrounded herself with:

“I am inspired by bright and happy colours. I grew up reading fairytales, watching animated films and imagining adventure stories. Thanks to this, my art style is an embodiment of my Indian heritage and Western influence.”

Combining these influences, she creates beautifully bright, diverse work loved by publishers around the world! She particularly enjoys working on projects that emphasize and share her Indian heritage. 

“I have worked with many publishers, like Scholastic, Penguin Random House, Osborne, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Hachette, Auzou and many more. My favourite books that I have worked on are about Indian culture, nature and diversity.”

She is currently working on an Indian title that she is very excited about:

“I am working with Scholastic on a book about Holi. Holi is an Indian festival of colours. I am enjoying drawing the writer's favourite moments from Holi, as well as adding some of mine. Since I am living away from my country and Indian family, I love working on books that make me feel close to home.”

It’s great to see the love and passion Aditi brings to her work. We are so happy to assist her in continuing to make work that she feels connected to and that bring her close to home. When asked about working with Advocate, Aditi said:

“Advocate Art agents have been very helpful for the growth of my career. The advice they give is very straightforward and on point. They are very observant and point me in the right direction to grow my career.”

All of us at Advocate are excited to see the direction her work is heading and look forward to watching her continue to grow in her bright career!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Aditi's full portfolio!

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