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Maria Luisa Petrarca

Maria Luisa Petrarca

I am quite free, I'd love to hear about your project.
Maria Luisa was born in 1996 in Caserta, a city in southern Italy. She has loved drawing from the moment she picked up her first pencil, always scribbling everywhere and daydreaming about becoming an illustrator. After graduating in New Art Technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples she decided to actually work towards her dream and started to study Illustration and Concept Art at the Italian Comix School in Naples. One year later the dream came true and she started to work as an illustrator for various Italian publishers! Maria is a naturalist, absolutely in love with every form of life. More specifically she has a great passion for ethology, the study of animal behavior. If she had not become an illustrator, she would definitely become an ethologist! Her goal is to learn more and more to improve herself and her art while spreading knowledge and love for nature overall. View Full Bio

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