Sara Ugolotti

Sara Ugolotti

Sara was born in 1988, near Reggio Emilia, Italy and since she was a child she has always loved drawing. In 2012 she obtained a bachelor degree in Architecture at the University of Parma. In 2015 she took a degree in Illustration at the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia with excellent results. From the end of the school Sara has been working on herself trying to find out her personal illustration style and working and learning in digital painting as autodidact. She has made some illustrations for magazines and children’s books and currently works as an illustrator in a collective of artists named “Le Sirene Research”. She won many international illustrations competitions and her illustrations have been selected for exhibitions in Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium, UKand China. Sara currently lives and works in Parma with her boyfriend and their french bulldog Murphy.View Full Bio

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Sep 15 2016

Here at Advocate Art we host a diverse range of artists, each whom have distinctly unique talents. Sara Ugolotti is