HEADU Educational Games Now Available Oct 24 2017

Samples and spotted

HEADU is making waves with their awesome line of educational games!  Back at Bologna Book Fair this year, one of our agents had the pleasure of meeting with HEADU, a new Italian based educational company that produces educational games for kids ages 0-5, focusing on topics such as writing, reading, counting, marine life, farm animals, and so much more!  Their mission is to spark creative learning and development through fun and interactive games.

Since meeting us at Bologna Book Fair, HEADU has developed several adorable educational games with many of our incredible artists including Eva Morales, Sally Garland, Patricia Yuste, Simon Abbot, Sarah Lawrence, Sophie Hanton, Kevin Payne, Dean Gray, Paco Sordo, Sophia Touliatou, Albert Pinilla, Pope Twins, Angelika Scudamore, Liza Lewis, Christine Sheldon, Paul Nicholls, and Jayne Schofield.  Since their launch early this month, HEADU games are now available online! Check out the HEADU site to see more information about this awesome new company and the fantastic games they produce!

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