Here's to You! Thank you from Advocate Art Inc Sep 23 2020


Here's to you!

We wanted to take the chance to say thank you! To all our clients; artists and to all the designers, art directors, editors, interns, account and production teams out there. We are all part of such a fantastic community and we’ve been so encouraged by the resilience, determination and positivity that’s been shown during this time. 

We’re here to make great available art, with great available artists. Despite 2020 throwing us a rocky road Advocate Art has continued to adapt, tune in and grow to face these new challenges head on. We’ve all been battling working with the kids in the next room, hungry pets at the feet and figuring out our new remote kitchen ‘offices’ so it’s a testament to us all that we’ve kept on truckin’. In fact working in new and agile ways has meant we’ve achieved some of our most productive months ever this year and has allowed both our artists and clients to thrive; these past few months in particular were especially productive, as we saw a 30% growth in sales! 

We continue to be a bi-coastal team, with Amanda and Sam based in New York and Atlanta making waves heading up our West Coast location in LA, and the company continues to expand globally! We recently welcomed Marion as our new German agent, and we’re pleased to announce Harry has become the manager of Ltd, working closely alongside Amanda to manage the UK team. We continue to partner with Yeon in Singapore, and are seeing just as much growth and opportunity for our artists in the Asian market. There's lots to look forward to!

We pride ourselves on a  commitment fostering great relationships with our artists and we’ve celebrated some noteworthy milestones. This year alone, we’ve had 11 artists reach 25 year milestones with the agency, and another 27 artists hit 20 years! We are proud to keep nurturing are artists, and clearly it's paid off! With a stack of nominations (here, here & here) we have continued to welcome fantastic new talent from across the world as well as working hard to improve our roster's diversity and global reach ; Arief Putra, Jessica Bretherton, and Neha Rawat (SCBWI showcase winner) just to name but a few! We’ve also made efforts to sign new home grown talent as well, bolstering our US artist list, among them the talented Kaley McCabe, who kindly created the lovely staff portrait you see above!

We know it’s been tricky and there are bumps along the way but we’re here to help make that journey as smooth as possible. Here’s to the next 25 years, here’s to you!

- The Advocate USA Team

*Artwork by the fabulous Kaley McCabe